Monday, December 24, 2012


A whisper wakens me,
not the dawn.
An expectant heart, 
surprises me. 
Toward a destiny
I do not understand,
I carry the mystery that is me.

Breathe in, breathe out.
A beauty over takes me. 
A vague vision, 
hardly an outline I can see.
Yet, I am captivated,
ready to turn over tables for this possibility.

I walk a road, 
and wait for your familiar face.
A smile forms, 
as a remember the way you pace.
I know it so well, 
Yet, I am afraid to open my soul. 

in my mind.
In my heart.
Waring with one another.
Love, says one,
Leave, says another.
Time and space pull me back to you.

This force of synchronicity is beyond me.
It is beyond you. 
It is beyond this weary, waning planet we call earth.
It is the string that ties all together,
and give us the brief, but lovely,
highs of life.

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