Saturday, August 25, 2012

Unfamiliar Spaces

I found myself,
in a little cafe out side of town.
Why am I here?
Why did I say those things to you?
Why am I aching to break,
to break away from you.

Away from everything I knew,
From all that I was.
I wanna start over,
I wanna make a new way-
Break through these barriers placed upon me.

I'm so sorry, I'm about to break your heart.
I'm so sorry, but you had to know of my compulsions from the start.
Oh and you gotta know, I tried so hard.
Oh you gotta know, I really wanted to stay,
But stayin' just ain't my way.

I've gotten coffee in a thousand places,
filled my tank in unfamiliar spaces,
but its the place I rested,
the place where I let my heart go,
that's the place I can never go back to.
Because, some people just don't have a home.
I can't have a home.

So knock that illusion out of your head,
your dream, my love, is dead.
Because it was hinged on me,
and baby, stable is something I just can't be.
But, I wish you the best, a life of the love and happiness.

Oh, the same old, same old happiness.

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