Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Journey

I found myself.
Alone, unknown.
To myself or any other.
So unfamiliar, yet freeing,
are these changes I see
taking place in me.

A freedom renewed,
A course found,
to venture forth-
destinations abound!
I no longer see lines, tempting me to cross,
I see experiences made to teach.

I find myself, surprised by a reflection unfamiliar.
I am a surprise,
I am full of love, passion, and
But what is this anger,
anguish, and anticipation?

I lost my name,
A new one I gave myself.
You want to know?
No, I don't think so.
My secrets you'll never see.

These thoughts,
musings, mental meanderings,
they are my own.
Dare you venture the quest?
Surely, you have not the ability,
to look past yourself, into
the mystery of another's deep.

Oh, but I wish you could.

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