Sunday, August 12, 2012

Catalina's Escape ~ Ch.1 ~ Accidentally Found

'The room is spinning. What dreadful spinning. What's that foul smell? Ugh, I'm laying in it. Oh, I shouldn't lift my head... Everything hurts. Can't move... Whats sitting on my chest? Oh, damn, The room wont stop spinning. That smell, vomit? Oh, I think I am going to be sick... who the hell is yelling?.' 

"Catalina!" Finding the door to their shared apartment ajar, Sadie eased it wide open, bracing herself for whatever might be beyond the threshold. "Cat! Where are you? Oh, God, what smells?" Covering her nose, she warily ventured through the dark kitchen, the shadows on the wall creating a sinister atmosphere. The kitchen cabinets and counters were a strange mess, as if they had been half-heartedly ransacked. Dread and adrenaline filled Sadie's veins. Intuitively, she knew what she was going to find... and she didn't like it. Nausea filled her as she turned to find her best friend of 10 years on the ground in front of her, vomit surrounding her. Trying her hardest not to get sick, Sadie ran to her friend, turning her over, she cleared an airway, and began to thrust her palms, one over the other, over Cat's heart... Thirty compressions... Breath... Thirty... Breath... "Help! Someone! HELP!".

'...Stop, oh please, stop screaming... Stop crying... oh, it hurts... Sadie? No... Just leave me alone... Please. Why can't I say anything? Sadie! SADIE! Oh... so, sick... ugh, my stomach. What the hell was I thinking? The spinning is getting worse, I feel like I am dying. Am I? I just want to pass out... Oh, another one is screaming... Everything... is... so...'

"Yes, a 23 year old female, Catalina Leigh, looks like she took a bottle of pills... What are they, Sadie?" Mrs. Albert, the neighbor, asked. "I don't know... The bottle should be somewhere..." After walking around for thirty seconds, she found it on the floor in the kitchen. "Looks like Oxycodone. Yes, she's performing CPR... Okay, I'll stay on the line... Yes, apartment three, like I said... Her breathing is shallow..." As Sadie was becoming more and more exhausted, Mrs. Albert's voice seemed to grow more distant.  All Sadie could manage to do was continue to mindlessly thrust her palms into Cat's chest... 'don't you die' she thought to herself, 'you don't get to die today!'. Suddenly, She couldn't hear voices any more, she wasn't even sure she was seeing anything... All she was doing was thrusting, and screaming in her head. She didn't even hear the medics and police enter the room. Suddenly, voices were yelling at her, trying to pry her away from Cat. "Miss, you can stop now... Ma'am you need to stop now!" For some reason, she couldn't register that they were there to help Cat, she fought them off as if they were a pack of vultures, while trying to continue CPR. But, suddenly the pale face of her best friend shocked her to the core- she was ghastly thin, with eyes rolling back and sick coming down her cheek. In a moment, Sadie seemed to lose all fight within her. Going limp, she fell to the ground,  her head throbbing violently, as she was reduced to tears of anguish. 

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