Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Written Path: A Sojourn of the Soul

We are all amazing. We are brimming with infinite possibility. We start neutral, and with a dedicated (well, sometimes not so dedicated) and a delicate (or stormy) mixture of  nurture and nature. We find our preferences, our dreams, and our places in life. Some become evil, some good... and some not so easy to slap a title on. People are not simple. We are constantly changing, constantly fighting with ourselves. We all come to a point where we surprise ourselves, and even make ourselves sick with disappointment. But, I believe the key is to learn from all that we do- and use experience to progress.

Living life happily is not so simple. Some are born with a natural ability to be hedonistic. Which, unless it develops in to a narcissistic disorder, can be a tool in life- not to be tossed aside in disgust. Yes, there is a time and place for it, but it really is a great tool that helps people to continue on in life with out despair. By filling ourselves with things that quicken our pulse, make us excited, and tingle our taste buds, we reignite our youthful ability to relish enjoyment.

Where will my life go? The thought used to quicken my pulse... It used to inspire the most tangible dreams. But now, it terrifies me. Yesterday, I felt old, tired, ready to throw in the flag. Today (after a good sleep!), I feel renewed, ready to fight. Ready to live again, to make my dreams come true. I want to write, to inspire, to communicate, to thrill and terrify the world through words and emotion. I want to shock and reveal, to make people second guess themselves, and embrace more of who they really are.

We are limitless, yet we are fragile. We are seemingly "stuck" in ourselves, yet we have amazing abilities, that most of us are too ignorant of or terrified to explore.

Don't let yourself wilt without living, follow your intuition- its yours for a reason. please feel free to join me as I follow mine on this blog. There will be real stories of my life, musings, fiction and anything else I feel like conjuring up with the use of my finger tips.

Karissa Rose

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